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About Us

Frick United Academy of Language is a comprehensive middle school in East Oakland, serving students in 6th-8th grades. Frick United also offers specialized classes for students who are newcomers to the United States and students with IEPs. All students at Frick United get a head start on high school language requirements by studying Spanish, whether they are beginners, students whose home language is Spanish, or students who studied Spanish throughout elementary school. Students at Frick United also have access to a range of elective and extracurricular classes, from sports and cheer to music and the arts. At Frick United Academy of Language we are dedicated to our student's academic and social emotional development, to ensure they are ready for high school, college, and beyond.

Contact Us

2845 64th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94605

Our Mission

(Focuses on today and what we do to get to our Vision)

Frick United Academy of Language, a public middle school in East Oakland reflects and embraces the full range of diversity and multilingualism Oakland provides. We ensure all students:

  • are Empowered Youth who will be prepared for college and career and act as change agents who can think critically, share their voice, navigate the world and disrupt systems of oppression
  • Achieve Academically and have access to an innovative, rigorous and responsive learning environment
  • value Bilingualism/Biliteracy and have multiple opportunities to read, write and speak in two or more languages
  • feel a sense of Cultural and Identity Belonging and grow a positive sense of their own cultural identity, and an ability and openness to interact across cultures  
  • Practice Social-Emotional skills and learn to master self and social awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship skills

Our Vision

(Focuses on tomorrow and what we want to become)

Frick United Academy of Language partners with families & community to create a space where students can:

  • practice cultural humility to build friendships across cultures and languages, 
  • embrace and celebrate difference, 
  • recognize and disrupt racial oppression, 
  • feel safe and confident to take the risks necessary to challenge and reimagine current systems…. 

as they act as agents of change in their community and the world.

Our Core Values

At Frick United Academy of Language, we value these as a community, knowing that each of us are responsible for ourselves and each other.

Growth Mindset: I believe failure and mistakes are a part of learning. I embrace challenges and believe that I can grow and learn through my own efforts.

Collaboration: I know that in order to be successful, I need to work with people who look, speak, learn, and think differently from me.

Integrity: I stay true to my values no matter where I go. I do what I say and hold myself and my community accountable.

Service: I am because we are. I look for needs in my local and global community and take action to help address those needs.

Quality: I always do my best, even when my personal best is different from yesterday or different from someone else’s.

Relationships: I value the interconnectedness of all beings, and respect people, animals, and spaces in my community.